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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Our mission of Recycling is to promote waste reduction, reuse, and recycling while educating students, faculty, and staff on how to make simple lifestyle changes that positively impact local and global natural environments through voluntary partnership with our program. 

Recycling Relies You 

The Recycling Program is vital and busy and we're ready to help you recycle.Our systems today require a little more self-initiation on your part...but it's simple and here's how you can help us help you recycle:

Identify the large brown or gray recycling transfer containers (50 or 96 gal.) in your building or work area. These are sometimes located on or near the building's loading dock.

Empty small office recycling containers (3 gal.) into the corresponding large transfer containers or recycling dumpster.

Monitor your work area. If you see recycling overflow, pick up around the container, refer to and identify recycling pick-up days, if pick-up does not occur for a few days and it just can't wait, call or e-mail them.

Use less paper in your copier. Set your default print type on your copier to double sided and save paper. 

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