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Effects of Recycling on Humans

Some claim that they’re too busy to recycle, while others feel that the energy necessary to collect and then process old materials into new ones makes it cost prohibitive.

Recycling Cleans Up Our Environment

Among the top alternative waste-management solutions available, recycling continues to be met with varying levels of resistance. It requires minimal consumer involvement for maximum return, but a broader understanding of why it’s beneficial seems to be absent. Here's what happens to our trash when it’s not recycled. The majority of our municipal solid waste is buried in landfills. Recycling preexisting materials, on the other hand, lessens the pollution and litter entering our natural environment as well as the volume of waste that we bury and burn.

Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Materials derived from the natural environment , such as living organisms, mineral ores and water, aren’t in endless supply, so sustainably managing them today ensures future generations will be able to utilize them. An equally notable consideration is how to use materials throughout their entire life cycle in the most efficient manner while minimizing and even neutralizing the impact that their harvest has on biodiversity and habitat.

Recycling Reduces Energy Consumption

It takes significantly less energy to convert preexisting consumer materials into recycled versions than it does to extract, process and manufacture raw materials into brand new products. Take office paper, for example. Recycling 1 ton of it is 43 percent less energy intensive than starting from scratch, as is recovering steel, plastic and aluminum, at a 60 percent, 75 percent, and 96 percent reduction in energy consumption levels, respectively, per material.The obvious energy savings are coupled with additional environmental benefits including the release of fewer polluting emissions into our air, water and soil, all of which would normally require a great deal of time, labor and resources to clean up. 



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